Discovering Yiddish is a series of exhibitions featuring materials from local Yiddish collections. 

The 20th century was an unprecedented time of movement and relocation for the Jews of Eastern Europe. And in nearly every new place Jews re-established themselves, whether in small or great numbers, they brought Yiddish with them. 

Today, Yiddish continues to exist in many of these communities, often in muted tones, sitting quietly in a box, on a bookshelf, or in a display case. It is the goal of Discovering Yiddish to locate these precious materials from the past and return them to the spotlight, to demystify the past they hold, and to display them proudly as pieces of local history. 

Recent Exhibits



MAY 7 - JULY 31  2018


discovering the mame-loshn

To see a past exhibition, please explore Discovering the Mame-loshn: The Hidden World of Yiddish at Robarts, a month-long showcase of the Yiddish materials held by the University of Toronto library collections.