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Miriam Borden


Head Curator of Discovering Yiddish, Miriam is driven by the mission to engage meaningfully with Jewish history, topics, and texts. Her background in the world of Yiddish is rich and varied. She has worked as an Assistant Archivist and Researcher at the Ontario Jewish Archives, and as a tour guide for the Archives’ walking tours of historic Kensington Market. She has consulted for the Yidlife Crisis web series, and been featured on Vaybertaytsh: A Feminist Podcast, in Yiddish. She is an Oral Historian with the National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, and most recently, she served as co-curator of the Robarts Library exhibition Discovering the Mame-loshn: The Hidden World of Yiddish at Robarts. Currently, she works as Coordinator of the UJA Committee for Yiddish and is completing her Master’s Degree in Yiddish at the University of Toronto, with plans to begin Yiddish PhD work in the coming year.

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