Tours and Talks

Once an exhibition has been coordinated and installed, Discovering Yiddish is delighted to offer tours, talks, and workshops, both for private groups and for the public, that complement any element of the exhibit. We will work with you to design a presentation that fits the precise needs of your audience.

Robarts Case Study:

In the course of the month-long exhibit at Robarts Library, we received numerous requests for tours and talks related both to the materials on display and to Yiddish topics generally. 

Early in August 2017, a group of residents from the Terrace Gardens Retirement Home came for a private tour of the exhibit paired with a unique visit to the Fisher Rare Book Library for a rare glimpse of some of the oldest Yiddish texts in the University’s holdings. We selected a Yiddish Bible from 1675, an 18th-century Purim spiel, a Yiddish Passover haggadah, a book of workers’ jokes from New York in the early 1900s, and more. 

Later that month, 25 members of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures — one of the two generous sponsors of the exhibition — joined us for a guided tour of the exhibit cases. It was a unique opportunity to discuss the many shared linguistic elements of the two languages. 

The curators were also invited to give talks to private study groups and Yiddish vinkls.


Robarts exhibit tour

Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures' guided tour of the exhibit

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