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Curated by Miriam Borden and Jessica Pollack, this engaging exhibition showcases the Yiddish holdings at the University of Toronto’s Roberts Library. Tucked away in the lobby us a space for students to create their own exhibitions and that is what Miriam and Jessica did...The exhibition, though modest (and created with modest means), is excellent! It is curated beautifully – the structure is clear, as is the writing, and the topics interesting, as is the choice of books. I do hope it will travel…All in all, exemplary and warmly received by audiences that might not otherwise come to the Robarts Library and its student exhibitions.
— Prof. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Advisor to the Director and Chief Curator of the Core Exhibition of Polin Museum, Warsaw
I saw the Yiddish exhibit at Robarts and thought it was just terrific. Your selection was great and had many surprises (tanach in Yiddish, etc). I just wanted to congratulate you. I hope it travels to other cities
— Sarah Faerman

CJN Article

A write up feature on the Mame-Loshn exhibit at Robarts library.

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I just saw it today. You did a beautiful job! Congratulations!
— Prof. Kalman Weiser, York University
[My husband] and I went to see Mame-loshn yesterday. We enjoyed it very much. Created a lot of nostalgia for some of the works. Loved the picture of the Pioneer Women (since Na’amat is what was formerly called Pioneer Women). I felt like I wanted to pull out a newspaper or a book and read it in my halting, childish Yiddish. Yasher Koach to you for doing such a great job and such an admirable undertaking...It was wonderful to see Yiddish in the halls of the U of T.
— Gerry Anklewicz

Culture at the J feature

Discovering the Mame-loshn featured in the Toronto JCC newsletter.

It’s always a pleasure to see Yiddish in an unexpected space; I’m referring to the Mame-loshn exhibit at Robarts which you so ably curated!
— Frieda Forman, author and translator
I enjoyed your beautiful and professionally mounted exhibit and tour. Thank you for your interesting and informative comments on the highlights.
— Phyllis Fein